Thursday, February 9, 2012

San Francisco loves dogs!

Two visitors from Sacramento. (All photos by Terry Gardner)
Last December I visited San Francisco because I had heard it may be the most dog-friendly city in America.  I met a woman from Sacramento who was walking her dog along Market Street.  She and her husband visit San Francisco every four weeks to get their hair cut, and their dog always comes along.  She said most shops are dog-friendly, especially Nordstrom and Bloomingdales.

Since I was dog-less in San Francisco, a friend from Oakland brought her pitbull Bob into town so we could all visit Chrissy Field together.

For my story on the best dog parks in San Francisco, please visit: is a new website that launched last October.  It's devoted to both helping dog lovers  find dog-welcoming destinations and helping them snag deals on airfare, hotels and vacation packages.  One reason I write for DogWonderful is that 10% of the commissions and fees earned through travel bookings on the site are donated to two non-profits that help dogs, NEADS and Red Rover.

This border collie mix also enjoys Chrissy Field.

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